Re-opening of WCA from 7th September

We are now able to give you information about our plans to resume activities. Following all the Government guidelines for dealing with Covid-19 means that things will be very different and the way in which we operate will change significantly. Some of these changes are described below; all the new procedures are designed to safeguard those who use the Hall and facilities, and to protect the community in which we live.

Some of the main changes are as follows:

  • User numbers will be restricted to a maximum of 18 people.
  • There will be a minimum of 1 hour between sessions to allow for cleaning.
  • Users will be expected to clean key surfaces and areas prior to and after the meetings.
  • Social distancing must be practised.
  • Hand cleaning by washing or sanitising must be carried out
  • Face coverings will be required in the Hall, unless special conditions apply

The kitchen facilities will be available, but hygiene procedures must be considered

Our first and main responsibility has been to conduct a Covid-19 risk assessment and introduce procedures to ensure that all who use the Hall are safe; it is then for each meeting organiser and its participants to comply with the procedures. That risk assessment has now been conducted and it confirms that the hall is Covid-19 secure.  We have devised new Hiring agreements which reflect those new rules and communicated the changes to Hirers.

The Health Protection Regulations in force put all the onus of risk assessment and compliance with social distancing on the organiser of the meeting and on the participants.  If either of these feel they cannot remain within the guidance for their particular activity it is their responsibility not to book the hall for this activity or not to participate in it.

The way we use the Hall has changed in order to comply with Government guidance; these restrictions or new procedures are for the safety of all, but with common sense, should not mean that your use should cease. Indeed, we are very anxious to ensure that use of the Hall continues because that in part safeguards our continued existence as a Community Association.

Further details of the new procedures can be supplied by Peter Woodward, our Bookings Secretary .If you think you will have difficulty following them because of the nature of the activity or the composition of the group, please contact the Bookings Secretary for further advice

Other WCA activities

The Tennis Club is open to members- see the website for further information

The Bowls Club is also open- see the website for further information.

Football Club- for latest information see their Facebook page; contact information at


Welcome to the Wellington Community Website. The information contained within this website demonstrates that Wellington is an extremely active, vibrant and inclusive community.

We are also very friendly and welcoming to all. We have many clubs, activities and sports activities taking place.


Find out all you need to know about life in Wellington Parish. This website has been created as a result of research amongst our residents and embraces many of the guidelines provided by parishioners who took part in our Community Led Parish Plan. 

Wellington is ACTIVE – just take a look at the range of activities that take place here – from sport to gardening to keep fit – it all happens here! Many of the groups are run by volunteers, actively engaged in encouraging membership of all age.

Wellington is ACCESSIBLE – an ideal village location without an A-road running through it (but close by for ease of transport), with a bus service to the market towns which we continually strive to maintain, with a network of well maintained public rights of way through the surrounding farmland and woodland. And with dreams of improving cycle connectivity a future plan.

Wellington is INCLUSIVE – it’s a community that cares about its residents, looks out for those less able with someone always ready to lend a helping hand.  Its shop and post office and community centre provides easy access for those with disabilities.  And we are working to make the footpath network wheelchair and baby-buggy friendly too.


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