Bell Ringers

Wellington Bell Ringers

Bell ringing is perhaps one of the less well known ways of spending leisure time but it is an art that has been around for several hundred years. In fact, in Wellington we have a particularly fine set of bells, three of which are 600 years old. This lack of familiarity to most people is perhaps unfortunate as it has a number of attractions and, indeed, benefits.

It provides both physical and mental stimulation and the really interesting part is that you do not require any form of special equipment, and there are no expensive membership fees. It is an activity that can be undertaken by people of any age (although the physical aspect of handling the bells probably means that 10 years might be a minimum age but it is more a matter of physical build than age).

Contrary to popular belief, knowledge of music is not a requirement. The only real prerequisite to make a proficient bell ringer is the ability to count to 6, and if you can push a swing effectively you are already some way up the ladder of progression in ringing.

The band meets on a Friday evening from 7.30 – 9pm for practice and anyone who would like to give ringing a try or even just come along to see what it is all about is most welcome, without commitment.

For further information contact Keith Brimley on 01432 830712 or e-mail at