Local Wildlife Sightings

A new Whatsapp group has been set up in which anyone interested can report wildlife sightings of particular interest. This is another project from the CLP implementation team. Sightings can include flora and fauna, seen locally in Wellington and beyond in the wider county area. This is in addition to the sightings book which hangs from the Parish Council notice board village shop foyer. A good number of very knowledgeable parishioners have joined and there is lots of live debate, sightings and lovely photos added daily. We cover just about all flora and fauna and help each other out with identifying various items.

Very early on we were extremely fortunate in Wellington to receive a visit from a night heron, only the fifth ever sighting in the county. This information was very quickly disseminated to the group we also took control of how this sighting would be managed, discussing it with the county bird recorder.


Anyone with an interest in welcome to take part, and join the group. If you would like to join the Whatsapp group, titled Local Wildlife Sightings, please contact Viv Quinn on 07772 004174 or Whatsapp her with your name and number, so she can add you to the group.