The Community LED Plan

What’s the Community Led Plan all about?

In 2014 recognising that much had changed in the parish since 2004 when a Parish Plan had last been completed, the Parish Council, embracing the national concept of Localism, called for volunteers to form a steering group to produce a new Community Led Parish Plan with the objective of giving everyone a voice in helping to shape the future of Wellington. This would  identify key issues which residents felt would improve the village and parish as a whole.

A tireless group of volunteers took discussions to every part of the Parish holding a Planning for Real weekend, joining in the school Parliament and delivering and collecting a detailed questionnaire from almost 500 homes. To read or download the 2014 Plan click here FINAL PLAN

When all the responses were analysed a brochure was prepared which was  sent to every home outlining the actions that had been identified. Click here.

Enter the IMPS!

The “IMPs” as they have become known, are the members of an Implementation Team who remain committed to seeing as many of the actions through as possible – after all, what’s the use of a having a plan without things happening!  It’s a three-way street – some actions rest firmly with the community (and that means volunteers!), some with the Parish Council and some need a combined approach. The IMPs report to the Parish Council and has an agenda item at every PC meeting.

The Implementation Team members are: Jennifer Jarrett (Chair), Liz Bullar (Secretary), Barry Prince (Parish Councillor), Chris Bucknell (Clerk to the Parish Council), Shirley Edgar, John Hayward, Mike Lyke, Pat Lewis, Chris Riches and Yvonne Hudson.

Wellington needs YOU!

Actions don’t just happen, and we have been lucky to have such a dedicated band of volunteers achieving the things we have highlighted. But it is a task that must continue and so that band of willing helpers must continue to expand. If you would like to get involved contact us via the ‘contact page’ on this site and we’ll be in touch.


This WEBSITE is a great example of what has been achieved as a result of the CLP where it was identified as an important ‘want and need’. And a great example of collaborative working too – the Parish Council funded its development and its first year’s costs and the Community Association has taken ownership of it and formed WellWEB under its constitution.  Importantly, it is volunteer led and maintained. Let us know what you think! Help keep it up-to-date by e mailing us the latest information about your activity.

Our lovely footpath network is extensive and well maintained but many of our keen walkers said there was nowhere to take a breather. Along came our ‘BENCH FAIRIES’ – volunteers who identified key locations, negotiated with the landowners, then built and installed benches in several locations around the area. Go for a walk and spot the benches!


The area by the ford was badly overgrown but had been identified as somewhere that it would be nice and peaceful to be able to sit, as well as somewhere that children could enjoy both the water and the wildlife.  Lots of volunteers came forward with all sorts of skills and ‘Ford Meadow’ (named by children at the school) became a reality in the summer of 2017.  You will see a plaque that gives thanks for the support given by long time residents of Wellington Derek and Maureen Robertshaw . Have a rest, read the plaque and enjoy the changing scenery as the wild flowers take hold and make this area even more inviting.


This is our hard working LITTER-PICKING coordinator gearing up for another session – sadly litter is a problem everywhere not just in Wellington but six-monthly picks by volunteers do help to keep it under control here – watch for notices calling for volunteers and join in.






You can’t fail to notice the SPRING BULBS that pop up on the green verges around the village to cheer us all up after winter. There are tubs of plants around too.  Some of the costs were met as a result of a grant from Tarmac but also as a result of donations of hundreds of bulbs from our residents. Not to mention our team of wonderful planters!


Ensuring that everyone has the opportunity to LEARN COMPUTER SKILLS so that they can access the internet, social media and Skype is important to maintain an inclusive society.  With the aid of courses run by Herefordshire Council as well as our own volunteers, several well attended courses have been held and there is still the chance to run more.

There are notices everywhere – on lamp-posts, trees, telegraph poles but the community said it wanted a ‘proper’ NOTICE BOARD in a prominent position where all the important stuff could be found in one place – and this is the result – organised and maintained by volunteers, funded by the Parish Council.


Speeding was one of the issues most raised in the Community Led Plan and with the help of the police, volunteers have been trained to use speed monitoring cameras and regular community SPEED WATCH sessions take place in locations where it is appropriate. So watch out!!



A dedicated WELLINGTON NEIGHBOURHOOD WATCH scheme has been set up using some of the national NW information but focused on self-help around the village.  You can sign up to receive alerts by email but can be assured that there is always someone looking out for anything that should not be happening!

Welcoming new residents into our community has always been seen as important and now a PARISH INFORMATION PACK has been developed with the aim of providing useful information to make that move a little easier.  It is available to view on this site and hard copies are available in the library.