Community Information

Wellington Parish is part of the Queenswood Ward of Herefordshire, and its elected local councillor is Cllr. Pauline Crockett, who attends most of the Parish Council meetings. Details of the Wellington Parish Council can be found on

The Parish stretches from the village centre to the top of Dinmore Hill to the north, including Queenswood Country Park, and Wellington Marsh in the South, and includes the hamlets of Burghope and Auberrrow. The eastern boundary is marked by the River Lugg into which Wellington Brook flows. The village is a mixture of historic black and white cottages, farmhouses and modern properties creating a healthy mix of accommodation.

There are many places to obtain information. Many posts in the village display the latest information on events and your very own notice board is situated outside the community hub in the heart of the village

We also have a very useful Parish Magazine which is published bi monthly.

In keeping with our tag line ACTIVE ACCESSIBLE AND INCLUSIVE we maintain details about organisations to support those in need, (see Health and Wellbeing or keep an eye out on the notice board).