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WellLINK news (6) 9th June


All libraries have been closed since 21st March. We were asked to hold onto the books we had, No overdue charges would be imposed.

E books and E audio books can still be downloaded through the BorrowBox App. But like many others I miss the visits to the Library both in Leominster and in our own Parish Room. If you are running out of books there is a supply and exchange in the foyer by the shop.

Following an enquiry to the Council re the opening of the libraries this is the reply.

“There is currently no known date for reopening any of our libraries – but plans are being made to allow them, and the community libraries like Wellington, to operate safely in the future.

Kind regards

Sarah Hill

Sarah Hill Economy and Place Directorate, Systems and Stock Officer County Libraries Unit. Burcott Road, Hereford HR4 9LW. Currently working from home


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