Wellington Parish History Society

We have a website http://www.wellingtonhistory.org.uk and a quickly growing facebook page @wellingtonphs with regular posts especially featuring the village archive. Reports of past and upcoming meetings are regularly found in the Wellington Welcome and County Times section of the Hereford Times. Broad Sheep and local parish newsletters feature the society’s meetings.

Wellington Parish History Society is a friendly, thriving society with its 5 times per year meetings at the centre of its activity. In addition, there is a walk or outing organised by the committee. Wherever possible the speakers are chosen for topics which have direct relevance to the parish as well as county wide and national context. Members and visitors are encouraged to add their own memories or detail during talks, and to tarry awhile after the speaker over complementary refreshments and view artefacts and catch up with friends and neighbours.


The Village Snapshot is a photographic record of Wellington’s appearance at a point in time. It was first undertaken in 2010 and, in census style, the society intends to complete a Village Snapshot in 2020, 10 years after the first. The Snapshot comprises photographs of properties plus maps of house locations. House names are recorded in the Snapshot, but not the names of occupants. The existing Snapshot sits on the Wellington Archive, which is a Cloud based record, plus CD versions of the Snapshot are available.

In 2020 we will additionally have access to aerial photography using a Drone.  This will give an extra dimension, quite literally, to the Village Snapshot, setting the properties in relation to each other.

It is the Society’s plan to organise the Village Snapshot’s aerial photography and video following an offer from a parishioner with a Civil Aviation Authority Drone licence, during July and August 2020.  Typically photos are taken at a height of 90-120m above the ground.

Please direct any comments or questions to Society members Gill Bullock 839109 / John Palmer 830460 / John Rushmer 830 531


28th November: AGM then Wellington War Memorial, “The Boys” behind the Names – Lesley Brimley

Talks take place at 7.30pm on the last Thursday of the month at Wellington Community Centre.

Website: wellingtonhistory.org.uk

Facebook: @wellingtonphs


Gill Bullock 01432 839109