Ju Jitsu

Ju Jitsu

You’ll get a warm welcome at the Wellington Ju Jitsu club, the only traditional Japanese ju jitsu club in the county.  We first opened in Wellington in 2007. Our current members range from aged 6 to 60 and includes boys and girls, men and women.

There are two head coaches plus an additional 3 black-belt coaches assisted by five junior leaders; classes are mixed. Our syllabus is an internationally recognised one to take the path to black belt and beyond, whilst upholding the virtues of Bushido (honesty, compassion, respect, loyalty, courage, honour and integrity); we are affiliated to an international organisation which has a presence in over 40 countries– that doesn’t mean we are not family-friendly and inclusive though!!

Due to Covid restrictions on the use of the facilities, training nights and timings are subject to change  – contact the organiser for the latest information.  

Costs: £4 a session for under 16s and £5 for adults, plus an annual membership fee of £36/£41. FIRST SESSION FREE and we do welcome occasional visitors as well as those who train regularly. Details of additional costs for assessment grading, traditional training clothing etc., can be obtained on request.

For more details about how to join: Matt Finney on 07787100236 facebook wellington ju jitsu